Special Session for Teaching Graduate Students Online - Shared screen with gallery view
Gregory Reihman
Beth Dolan, Deputy Provost for Deputy Provost for Graduate EducationKathleen Hutnik, Associate Dean for Graduate LifeKathy Iovine, CAS-Biological SciencesFrank Curtis, RCEAS-Industrial and Systems EngineeringSuzanne Edwards, CAS-EnglishTony DiMaggio CAS-Political ScienceGrace Caskie, COE-Counseling PsychologyTodd Watkins, BUS-Economics
Gregory Reihman
I believe this is the article Beth is referring to: https://www.scirp.org/html/9-6303963_85402.htm
Gregory Reihman
1. Convey positive attitude toward the online learning approach you are taking—this is in most cases more important than which particular approach you are taking.
Gregory Reihman
2. Clear, Timely, Consistent Communication.
Gregory Reihman
3. Pre-semester Survey: ask your students questions about past experience with online learning, with education in general; technology readiness, etc…
kathleen hutnik
I have my first haircut in 5 months and so will say goodbye. Thanks for giving ne the chance to share this information.
Suzanne Edwards
230! not 430!
Gregory Reihman
Yes, Suzanne! 2:30!
Amanda Brandone
I apologize that I have to run to my next meeting. Thank you, everyone! This was very helpful.
Grace Caskie
It's a weird cutout door in my attic office
Barbara Malt
YOu can teach them how to upload a virtual background to have behind them if they are not comfortable having everyone look into their living space.
Gregory Reihman
Another approach is grouping them and having a subset with camera-on while they are presenting, interacting in a Q&A with you. And permit the others to turn off cameras during others’ presentations, your lecture, etc.
Barbara Malt
Could Todd please put into chat the name. of those headphones he mentioned?
julia maserjian
Here are some headphone with mic. suggestions from LTS:Corded USB headset and microphone - $29Microsoft LX-3000 headset and microphone - $40Logitech USB H390 headset and microphone - $25
Suzanne Edwards
Is it ok for us to make the synchronous course discussions shorter than typical class time, if we’re adding other collaborative activities? I’ve been assuming that it is, but it occurs to me I should ask.
Todd Watkins
Barbara: my headphones are TREKZ Titanium (by Aftershock.) Inductive on the bones, rather than covering your ears.