Reflections from Lehigh Students - Speaker view
Bruce Whitehouse
Question: Greg insightfully described TRAC fellows as people for whom Lehigh has worked well, and who have learned to make good use of the institution. What have we collectively learned about the problems faced by students for whom Lehigh hasn't worked well and who haven't learned to take advantage of it (especially under pandemic conditions)? How can we better serve those students in the future?
Bruce Whitehouse
On lectures: One student in my lecture course this fall has already emailed me to ask if I can record my lectures and make them available. Is this even something LTS can do? Does anyone have suggestions for how a lecturer can make & keep recordings from class (including Q&A)?
julia maserian
Bruce, have you used Panopto? https://confluence.cc.lehigh.edu/x/ARbTAQ
Trevor Ballingall
We used Google Forms in my Econ Class last semester (It was in person)… everyday we’d have an end of class form to fill out and the professor would then talk about some of the answers out loud. (Why some of the answers were wrong or what made other answers more right.) The forms were anonymous too so It really allowed the professor to get a decent handle on how a majority of the students were conceptualizing the course material
Greg Reihman
love this idea, Trevor. I use Google sheets even in my in-person classes and will sometimes pull up student notes/questions during class as a way of generating discussion/conversation.
Jill Schneider
such a great advantage last year was the guest lectures on zoom! I had cool speakers (diverse too) that the student’s really enjoyed on zoom. i’m thinking of doing that even if we are in person. what is the best way? have all students come with their laptops that day and we all go on zoom in person?
Lana Butorovic
I would say having zoom on the big screen would be easier since you’d have to have students use headphones if you want everyone to use Zoom on their laptops which can lead to a lot of students being distracted
Lana Butorovic
That was a long sentence - hope that makes sense
Jenna Lay
Great answer, Eva!
Bruce Whitehouse
Eva, I'm calling BS on that.
Bruce Whitehouse
When you have flexible deadlines in place and your student still plagiarizes an essay, I think at a certain point the responsibility has to lie with the student.
Jasmine Woodson
Kool beans
Jasmine Woodson
oops - sorry everyone, that was for another message :-/
Wynn Meyer
Working in a class group with a friend can also be a great way to kill a friendship… or so I’ve heard.
David Casagrande
optimal size is three. I start by randomizing and then do a little social engineering as the semester goes on based on individual feedback from students.
Greg Reihman
I agree with 3 and assign groups. WRT switching—I think it’s good to have groups that stay together for more than a few meetings…and then switch it up.
Wynn Meyer
Are there ways to make larger groups work? In one of my classes there are too many students to do groups of 3.
Lana Butorovic
I had a professor schedule meetings with those bigger groups where students would have to explain what they did to contribute to whatever deliverable they had to submit…That made students a lot more aware of the fact that they have to put in the work to get the grade (can help prevent freeloading).
Bruce Whitehouse
I've often used 5-person groups in the past, but after many complaints about non-contributing teammates, I'm ready to try trios.
Greg Reihman
Wynn: with larger groups, it’s important to create roles for each person, with a well-defined tasks. Those roles can change week to week so students take on different tasks. It also really helps to take seriously the group dynamics that will come into play with larger group work...
Albert Liu
I used a peer evaluation spreadsheet for students to rate the participation and contribution of their group members, which accounted for 10% of the group assignments.
Bruce Whitehouse
Re. Siva's question: see #ungrading https://citls.lafayette.edu/what-is-ungrading/
Jim Roberts
I also use peer evaluation for " % effort " on significant group assignments --- it's remarkable to me that the #s always align pretty closely.
Wynn Meyer
I tried specifications grading last fall and it was a miserable failure - everyone killing themselves to get an A.
Lana Butorovic
I will say that with peer evaluations, it’s best to have students submit them individually. Professors often have peer evaluations be submitted by the group as a whole and students are very rarely going to be honest in them to avoid tension within the group
Wynn Meyer
Can’t peer evaluations also sometimes have bias wrt specific populations of students?
Violet Kertis (she/her)
David Casagrande
I use a qualtrics survey for peer-ranking within group projects midway and at the end
Lana Butorovic
Can you elaborate on that? Interested to hear more
Lana Butorovic
@Winn Meyer
Wynn Meyer
You mean re: bias or re: specs grading?
Lana Butorovic
Jim Roberts
I do use individual response directly to me -- in a class where I CAN interact extensively with each student and group. I use just the individually graded group-facilitated assignments in larger classes.
Wynn Meyer
Maybe @Violet knows specific citations on this. I just know I’ve heard it before. Would have to look it up.
Greg Skutches, (he, him, his)
I have to jump off. Thanks, everyone, for attending.
Greg Reihman
Thank you, Greg!
Mary Nicholas
Thank you very much for organizing this session and participating. It was very useful! Good to get the input in time to prepare for the fall.
Jill Schneider
excellent, Violet
Henry Odi
Excellent session and thanks to our wonderful students. Henry Odi
Jill Schneider
Thank you, students!
Wynn Meyer
Thank you so much!
Jenna Lay
Thanks, all!